1977 Honda CB750F Street Tracker

We started with a complete but non-running 77 CB750F Super Sport. It had been sitting in someone’s barn for many years and only had 12,000 miles on it but everything was in need of attention. These pictures make it look better than it really was- the bike was pretty rough. There was no point it just trying to get it running since the tank was rusty inside and the carbs were full of goo. So, it was decided- take the bike apart like we did to the 85 Yamaha RZ350 and build something really cool. But we wanted to use as much of the old bike as possible. Anyone can simply throw money and parts at an old frame but then you lose any sense of originality. So, off we go on a CB750F adventure!

WP_20131207_001 WP_20131207_002 WP_20131207_003 WP_20140617_002

Disassembly starts and we continue until we have a bare frame that is ready for sandblasting. The engine also was torn down at this point to see what needed to be done in there- turns out, more than we thought.

WP_20140913_001 WP_20140913_002 WP_20140922_001 WP_20140925_008

As we continue on, we found that at some point the alternator had come apart and left debris in the oil pan. So, we tore down the engine to check everything and found that the intake valves were very sloppy in the guides. This was a common problem on the 77-78 Super Sports but with only 12K miles, still unusual. The cylinders were taken off so they could be honed and the head taken apart so new guides could be installed. Then the valves were ground and lapped into the head.