Very Cool Dent Removal Technique

As in liquid CO2 cool. This was posted over at Autoblog. I don’t know if it will work on a motorcycle gas tank or not, but I will definately test it out and let you know. Simply heat the dent with a hair dryer for about 1 min and then take a can of compressed CO2 (the stuff you blow off computer keyboards with) and turn the can upside down so it comes out as liquid. Spray it on the dent and watch it pop out. Remove Car Dent With Airduster –... [Read More...]

Memorial Day

Since it is Memorial Day here in the US, I thought I would post something that would at least make us think of the past and those who have lost their lives fighting for our freedom. This picture is likely from WWI, I’m guessing, and shows how motorcycles have been used by the military since their inception. Whenever I see a picture like this, I do wonder what became of them and whether they were killed in war or lived to be grandfathers.    Read More →

Vintage 2 Strokes at Deals Gap Video

If you like the sound of 2 Strokes and you like twisty roads, you will like this video. Hit the link below- It should open in Media Player. These guys ride the Deals Gap run up in N Georgia and it is fun to watch them blow past the Harleys who have no business on that road. Considering that these old bikes were not that great in a straight line, it is fun to watch them in the corners. At least tire technology has improved! [Read More...]

2 Wheels, but not exactly a bike

This looks like something that might happen over at my friend Wayne’s house. Credit goes to Autoblog for posting the video. I wonder where the gas tank is? Maybe it is between his legs like on a bike…At least it would be easy to get out of if it caught on fire. [youtube]MvlQKb5sckk[/youtube]  Read More →

Kawasaki Z1000 and other Streetfighters

I have to admit that Streetfighters are my favorite type of bike now. When I was younger, I wouldn’t be seen on anything less than the latest and fastest Sportbike. But as age, and some back problems have caught up with me, I really look for comfort over style now- but I’m not really willing to sacrifice performance and do the cruiser thing. So right now, I’m riding a Honda 919 and loving it. Some of my recent bikes have been a Buell... [Read More...]

Another Bad Busa

[youtube]9f5NOTZlbzI[/youtube] This one is in a real bike. Granted, it is turbocharged, but it is still quite impressive to see the speedo pegged as the tach keeps climbing. There is a reason that the Hayabusa has the reputation it does. This video has been making the rounds on the internet, so I though I better post it too!    Read More →

350 HP Busa engine in a VW Golf

Autoblog had a post about this car, and it is worth watching the video. Pretty impressive and the engine sounds awesome. [youtube]3Xdks-j3yt0[/youtube]  Read More →

Motorcycle Safety

The AMA asked for suggestions from readers about how to increase motorcycle safety and awareness. Here are some of the responses. The best one was simply to email all your family and friends with this pdf file and ask them to send it on to their family and friends too. This type of viral marketing works for all sorts of business and commercial stuff, so it should work for this also. You might think about doing something like this on your myspace page... [Read More...]

Stoner looks unstoppable in MotoGP

Casey Stoner on the new Ducati has won 3 of the 4 rounds so far, and his ride in Shanghai proved that he is the real deal. Rossi was right there, but couldn’t get past him. Speed has the whole account as well as results. Nicky Hayden got hit in the rear by another rider, and never got back to speed but finished 12th overall. Casey Stoner took control of the MotoGP World Championship standings with an almost flawless performance to win the Chinese... [Read More...]

Aprilia’s new lease program

Well, if you’ve always wanted an Aprilia but just couldn’t quite come up with the cash, their new lease program might just get you that exotic, expensive Italian masterpiece you always wanted. Leasing has its advantages if you are of the type who always want the newest toy available, but if you are looking to keep a bike as a possible collectors item, it is not the way to go. Hopefully, in a year or two, there will be some really good... [Read More...]