Nasty MotoGP Crash

This was at the Brno MotoGP race this past weekend. You think it is bad enough when the first guy crashes, but the second one really hurts to even watch. [youtube]Ia3Syd8kpeU[/youtube]  Read More →

Awesome Ducati 916

I finally have some pictures of a Ducati 916 that I painted last winter. The owner had crashed the bike pretty good and it needed a whole set of bodywork. I recommended that he order a set of carbon fiber panels from QB Carbon in England. They make some very nice parts. Once the panels arrived, we worked on colors, layout and graphics. He had a good idea of what he wanted from some magazine articles he had seen. I started with the wheels which were... [Read More...]

Beginner’s Guide to Doing a Wheelie

[youtube]i3_Z96lxyUo[/youtube] This is a good video that shows the first steps in learning to do wheelies. Good to see these guys are off-road and wearing good protective gear. The road in front of your house is not a good place to try this stuff even if your girlfriend is watching. Find an old warehouse complex with a big parking lot so you have lots of room and aren’t going to hit anything.  Read More →

Vintage Bikes at Meadow Brook

Every year they hold the Meadow Brook Concours In Rochester, MI. This year they had an excellent class of vintage motorcycles that you can view over at the Autoblog site. There were some really rare and beautiful motorcycles but the winner was a 1938 Indian. Check out the pictures of some of the most famous bikes ever produced- and a few you have probably never heard of!  Read More →

Some Custom VFR750’s

… … … … A few years ago, I had some VFR’s that had been wrecked and all the bodywork was destroyed. Honda stuff is expensive to begin with, but VFR stuff is crazy. Since the VFR was basically a street version of the RC45 racebike, I decided to see if I could fit RC45 race stuff on the VFR. Amazingly enough, it fit pretty well- even used the stock upper stay. Since there was no provision for a headlight, I did a cut and... [Read More...]

Honda VFR750 Goodness

I have to admit, that in my business, I get to ride a lot of different bikes and most of them are pretty forgettable like the EX500 I rode Sunday. But one of my all time favorite bikes is the 90-97 VFR750. It is a little heavy by today’s standards, but still a great bike. Very few bikes have the magical combination of power, comfort, reliability, handling and good looks that the VFR’s had. VFR’s almost define the term “more... [Read More...]

New Auto/Bike Site

You might want to check out the new online magazine if you are like me and just love stuff with motors. Granted, it is a mostly auto oriented site so far, but they do have a good article on Harley’s V-Rod- the good the bad and the marketing behind it. It is actually one of the few Harley’s I really want but that is probably because I am sport bike oriented to begin with.  I’ve actually had a Buell XB9 and loved... [Read More...]

SuperMotard Craziness

Check out this video of a SuperMotard race in Bulgaria. Pay special attention to the end when the two guys make contact in the air and both save it. Man is that track awesome… [youtube]WZnW_UrulIc[/youtube]  Read More →