Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 9

Well, here is a quick photo of the bike all assembled. We will get some more/better pictures as soon as we have some good sunny weather but for now, you can get an idea of how the bike turned out. Aprilia should look and learn because when you compare it to the original, there is really no comparison. The KTM headlight looks awesome on this bike. Assembled... Stock Tuono  Read More →

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 8

tank- cleared The clear coat is on all of the parts and looks great. Here are a few pictures- you can see the pearl in the white in the close-up of the tank. Really pretty color. As soon as the owner sends me some pictures of it all assembled, I’ll get them posted. He said the bike looks awesome, and way better than the factory scheme. I’ll post a stock vs. custom picture as well. tank close-up  Read More →

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 7

Now that all the colors are on. we need to put the logos and graphics on. It really isn’t as easy as just sticking some decals on. Placement needs to be precise since a logo at the wrong angle will be very obvious. I spent a lot of time with the owner getting the decals placed where he wanted them. You also need to take extra care putting on the pinstripes to get them straight. Wavy pinstripes look really bad… Here are a few before and... [Read More...]

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 6

Today, we are putting on the last of the colors- black. Since we already have red and white painted, we have to be extra careful masking everything. A little black mist on the red or white will show up like a wart on the end of your nose. We are painting black on the tank, tail and belly pan… as well as the small scoops, wheels and frame covers. tail masked for black belly pan masked tank painted with black belly pan unmasked tank unmasked  Read More →

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 5

Next, we are going to spray the white and also put the diamond pearl on it. We wanted a very bright white so that the pearl would not cause it to look dull or milky. The color we used is called polar white and it almost has a slight blue tint when you see it in the can. After the white base dries, we spray a very light coat of the pearl on top. The pearl we picked is a Cadillac color and looks awesome although there is no way to see it in the pictures.... [Read More...]

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 4

After the bodywork and primer is done, we need to tape off for all the colors. In this case, the first color we are spraying is the red and there is no taping to do. The only parts that are getting sprayed red are the small headlight fairings and the belly pan. The headlight fairings were already orange, so it almost looks like nothing was painted- but the top edge is now red. The red on the tank is the original paint and we simply taped off the stripe... [Read More...]

Amazing Urban Trials Video

This is a great video of some Urban Trials riding. The scene towards the end on the bridge is awesome. Fred Crosset urban trial ride 2010 monster energy from dd on Vimeo.  Read More →

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 3

Today we need to do a little bodywork. The tank needs to have the decals removed and the tail needs to have a bunch of bodywork to fix spider cracks in the gel coat and fill the big holes where it would have mounted if it was installed on a R1. The “Aprilia” lettering on the tank had to be peeled off one letter at a time to avoid sanding with a course grit wheel. Normally, I would just sand the decals off but since this is a plastic tank,... [Read More...]

Aprilia Tuono Project- Part 2

Tuono tank scheme We spent about an hour laying out colors and deciding what graphics needed to go where. As you can see, the tank was barely damaged. After deciding on colors and scheme, I took pictures with small tape strips on the body work marked with the colors. The bike will be a very cool mix of white, black and red. Since the red on the tank is a tri-coat color that has an orange base to make it super bright, it is impossible to match. So... [Read More...]