Vincent Black Shadow to be Auctioned

A Vincent Black Shadow is one of the rarest and most desirable motorcycles ever made. Leno has one is his collection and you can watch the video to get some of the history. Very cool bike. I suspect that the final price of this bike will be way out of range for most of us. But if you do decide to bid, let me know the details of how the auction went so I can post them for everyone to read. Here is the press release from the AMA Motorcycle Museum- PICKERINGTON,... [Read More...]

A Little Vespa Scooter Action

Well, you know the old saying- “Scooters are fun to ride, you just don’t want your bike friends seeing you on one”. That is generally true, but scooters have gotten a lot better and a lot faster making them even more fun. So, if you have a garage to hide it in, (or you can always say it is your wife’s) chek out the new Vespa 300. These are cool scooters because they have that classic Vespa style, lots of updated technology... [Read More...]

Top MotoGP and Formula 1 Stars Race Each Other

Check this out from over at Autoblog… In a follow up to yesterday’s post on Hayden and Stoner in the Italian Alps, we have a few pictures of them racing the Ferrari F1 drivers in Karts on the ice. Looks like a lot of fun and as it turns out, Stoner won! Those guys really have a tough life… Apparently tired of swooshing down the slopes or hitting on Tamara Ecclestone in the lodge – the Formula One chief stopped by with his model... [Read More...]

New Ducati GP9 Introduced by Hayden and Stoner

Here is a nice picture of Nicky Hayden and Casey Stoner showing off their new GP ride for the 09 season, the GP9, in the new team colors. The bike was officially unveiled last week in the Dolomite mountains in Italy. Sweet bike and a sweet place to hang out and enjoy the mountains. I suspect that neither Hayden or Stoner were allowed to do any skiing considering how expensive it would be for the team if they got injured. From Ducati: CASEY STONER... [Read More...]

Custom B-2 Stealth Bomber Motorcycle

Well, this is crazy… Northrop Grumman is celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the B-2 bomber and so they commissioned OCC to build a custom bike for the event. Custom is cool except when you are a gov’t contractor and are basically using tax money on toys. Oh well, check it out- I’m not to taken with it but I’m sure some general thinks it is great. Do ya think the headlights are in the cockpit windows? I think the real bomber... [Read More...]

Yamaha RD350 Dream

I saw this over at 2 Wheels Blog and had to post it. How cool would it be to get a new RD350 2 stroke from Yamaha. It’s all speculation, but it’s always fun to dream- Thanks Jerry!  Read More →

Slow Sales at Harley Spur Creativity

I’ve seen this ad all over the web – Harley is advertising that you will get your full purchase price back on any Sportster model if you trade up to a bigger model within a year. Harley’s idea of riding free is a little different than my idea. You do have to pay for the Sportster, so “free” is not really the word most people would choose. It’s not true, but it is good marketing… Considering that the promotion... [Read More...]

New Aprilia SMV 750 Dorsoduro

Yep, Aprilia is offering a hooligan bike in the US to compete with the likes of Ducati’s HyperMotard. Too bad Suzuki has discontinued the SV1000S. They were easily converted to the 03 only naked style and offered tons ‘o fun for very cheap money. But the Aprilia is really priced pretty competitively at $9599.00 Here are some details from the website and their press release- The concept that revolutionized the world of Supermoto has now... [Read More...]

Crazy Stuff At Vintage Days

Craig over at Hemmings Auto Blogs posted a few pictures of stuff he saw just standing around while he was at Mid-Ohio’s Vintage days. After going to the Vintage weekend at Barber (Birmingham, AL) this past October, I can attest to the fact that you will see a lot of cool, weird, and generally unusual stuff at an event like this! Like maybe vintage fire engines… Two years ago, I went to Vintage Motorcycle Days at Mid-Ohio and the first... [Read More...]