SL 350 Restoration part 3- painting

In today’s installment, we are spraying on the silver base coat that gives the metallic look to the translucent candy red top coat. When you are using a tri coat system like this, the base coats need to have hardener added so that when you spray the red top coat it doesn’t crinkle and spider web the silver. I like to let every coat dry a couple of days before putting on the next coat to avoid any crinkling. Since this was never intended... [Read More...]

SL 350 Restoration- Primer

The SL has a mix of materials used for it’s bodywork- steel for the tank, aluminum for the fenders and plastic for the side covers. In a case like this, the best primer to use is an epoxy primer like PPG’s DPLF. It sticks to anything and anything sticks to it, pretty much. A little light sanding after it dries overnight and we will be ready for the first base coat. SL 350 bodywork in primer  Read More →

Restoring a 1971 Honda SL 350

SL 350 bodywork waiting for primer My friend Jerry is currently in the midst of restoring his 71 SL 350 and since I did the paint work for him, I thought it would be cool to post the progress for everyone to see. The bike was not a total wreck, it was just showing its age so he disassembled it down to the frame and we went to work. Here is the bare frame and the bodywork after sanding. Overall, there was very little filler needed except for a few... [Read More...]

The Buell Barracuda that almost was… but never will be

2011 Buell From a friend with “connections” to Buell… “Speculation about the bike indicates a displacement of 1199cc with much less weight and more horsepower than the current 1125R, it’s the kind of bike you would build if you were planning on World Super Bike competition, or more to the point, the bike you would build as a true, no compromise, world class American sport bike. It’s called the Barracuda, it has... [Read More...]

Buell 1190 Prototype Spy Picture

Buell 1190 Prototype Unfortunately, we will never get to see one of these on the road but the picture is intriguing in a “what if” kind of way… I do wish we could see it from the front with headlights, etc since it looks much better than the 1125R.  Read More →

Yike Bike

Very cool if you haven’t seen it yet. Obviously not intended for anything other that urban areas, but still a great idea. Their website says that they are not planning to import them to the US in the near future since their main market is Europe and NZ but I would expect them to show up here sooner or later. The neat thing is that this is a 1st generation vehicle- so we can expect some new ideas in the future.  Read More →

BMW S 1000 RR Dinner Video

BMW is so proud of this video that they sent out this press release- Awarded S 1000 RR Dinner Spot most successful BMW film on YouTube with more than 1 million clicks. With currently almost 1.4 million clicks the S 1000 RR Dinner Spot became the most successful BMW film on YouTube ever. In the course of the Spotlight International Advertising Film Festival in Mannheim the film was awarded in the category “Web and Mobile” at the beginning... [Read More...]

New Buell 1190RR announced…

Buell 1190RR This is a copy and paste straight from Buell’s website. 185 HP- very nice. Check out the rest of the specs, it is pretty impressive. Obviously not street legal, but I suspect that some of the nice pieces will filter down and be available to those who bought the last of the 1125’s. The 1190RR is the first new motorcycle from Erik Buell Racing. Based on the 1125R and 1125RR, the 1190RR brings engine displacement close to the... [Read More...]