72 Honda CT70… aka: Trail 70 restoration

When I was growing up in the 70’s, every kid wanted a Trail 70. Now, they are quite collectible and thus restorable- so a friend is restoring his candy ruby red 72. It started in pretty rough but complete condition and is moving along nicely. I took a break from the 77 CB750F I’m restoring to do the paint on the CT70. Here are a few pictures showing the progress. Everything was bead blasted to remove all the old paint and rust. The candy ruby red was originally 2  layer lacquer with a silver base and candy red top coat. Using modern paint, we used epoxy primer, then a fine silver base and a candy red layer before clearing. The candy red is transparent, so you have to spray on layers to achieve the proper depth or darkness of red. The silver shows through and gives it a metallic look but with a depth you don’t get with single layer pearls or metallics. It’s a very pretty color… Clear coat is on it and it needs to dry a few days before any reassembly takes place to avoid scratching the clear. It will be a very nice example when  it is finished…

V__0339 WP_20150204_005 WP_20150210_001 WP_20150210_003 WP_20150211_002 WP_20150211_004 WP_20150211_007


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