1977 Honda CB750F update 2

I’ve been working a bit on the CB750 and here is where it stands- the gas tank had a fair amount of rust inside and some small rust-through pinholes so I used the old distilled vinegar trick to clean it out before using POR15 sealer on it. Vinegar is a relatively mild acid that works well for cleaning and and stripping corroded metal. For a tank like this, just fill it up to the top (after duct taping over any holes) and let it sit for about 3-5 days. Then drain it and rinse it out. Dry it immediately with a hair dryer or heat gun to prevent rust reforming. Then use POR15 sealer- it will seal any small holes in the metal permanently. Now we are ready for the next step- painting the outside of the tank!


Rusty tank


after cleaning with vinegar


tape over any holes!


inside coated with POR15


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