1986 Honda VFR750F Restoration- update 2

With all the engine covers faded and scratched, we decided to repaint them in black wrinkle because the original gold wrinkle is simply not available. The black looks great and really makes the engine look fresh. The exhaust system was also repainted since it had a fair amount of rust and corrosion- and it was a bear to get off after all those years of heat and corrosion.

In addition, the swingarm was removed and all the bearing checked and re-greased. The rear shock need some help but was really in surprisingly good shape for a 31 yr old bike. One of the reasons these bikes still ride great is because Honda used high quality stuff- all the rear suspension pivots are needle or roller bearings instead of just sleeves and bushings.

The rear subframe was bead blasted and repainted and all the wiring was checked before putting the back of the bike together.

One other thing to note is that the inside of the engine is just spotlessly clean- obviously the previous owners took really good care of the bike and changed the oil often. There is no sludge buildup anywhere in the engine.

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