Bultaco Metralla update

I’m going back and forth between the Sherpa and Metralla and today is Metralla day! The engine ran quite well and the owner didn’t want to take it apart so to get it ready for paint, we soda blasted it and then used purple cleaner and lacquer thinner to wash it. Since we couldn’t risk getting any glass beads in the engine, soda was the best alternative since it is water soluble and just washes off. As you can see, it really came out spotless and ready for the semi-gloss high heat paint.

wp_20161123_14_25_46_pro wp_20161123_19_59_00_pro wp_20161127_17_10_35_pro wp_20161128_18_21_42_pro wp_20161128_18_21_59_pro


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