Sherpa and Metralla progress

We’ve been plugging away at both the Sherpa and the Metralla with good results. The Sherpa engine is in the frame and we are looking for a new rear brake hub since the original has some cracks around the pivot posts for the brake shoes. The Sherpa should be on it’s wheels very soon!

The Metralla muffler was quite rusty and pitted so the owner decide to do a high heat wrinkle black coating which we applied today. The wrinkle paint is great for hiding small dings, pitting and roughness. The header pipe is done in a 1200 deg ceramic paint that also fixes the problem of pitted, peeling chrome plating.

tn_wp_20161118_17_24_12_pro tn_wp_20161117_18_05_02_pro tn_wp_20161118_16_34_54_pro tn_wp_20161125_17_29_54_pro


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