73 Kawasaki S1 update 8

We are moving along on this project since I’ve had a bit more time to devote to it lately… The seat is done, the electronic ignition is installed, tiny little intake manifolds are back on so, the engine is ready to be put in the frame. Lots of little details are being taken care of like cables, etc. I found a NOS choke cable and the others have been cleaned up, lubed and painted where needed- like the end fittings if they were corroded. The brake light switch on the front cable was not working, so it had to come apart for cleaning and lube. The next pictures will be with the engine in the frame!

WP_20160601_001 WP_20160603_001 WP_20160603_002 WP_20160605_001 WP_20160606_001 WP_20160608_001

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