1973 Kawasaki S1 update 5

Well, lots going on with the S1… The wheels were corroded but solid and I decided that for the price point of this bike, the only real option was to bead blast and paint them. So, it was also a good chance to clean and blast the drums as well as repack the bearings. After blasting, the wheels are primed with PPG epoxy primer and then the final coats of matte black are applied. They will get a rim stripe in one of the body colors.

The brake hub assemblies were also bead blasted and painted. The castings on these old Japanese bikes were pretty rough, so painting it usually the best option.

Also, the forks needed rebuilding, so new seals, oil and some special aerospace cleaning techniques were used to get all the old gunk out of the tubes!

WP_20150523_005 WP_20160311_001 WP_20160312_002 WP_20160311_005 WP_20160312_003

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