1973 Kawasaki S1 Triple Update 1

Well, I’ve actually been pretty busy on other bikes but a few things have been accomplished on the S1. The motor is reassembled, the carbs are done and look great and a few small items have been bead blasted and painted. The cylinders are bored 1mm over and new pistons, rings, wrist pins and outer crank seals were replaced along with all the normal seals and gaskets. It is a nice tight motor and should run great with the overbore and modern technology rings and seals. Here are a few pictures of the assembly-

WP_20151124_001 WP_20151124_002

WP_20151124_003 WP_20151124_004

WP_20151124_005 WP_20151124_006

WP_20151124_007 WP_20151125_001

WP_20151125_002 WP_20151126_001

WP_20151126_002 WP_20151126_003

WP_20151127_001 WP_20151127_002


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