Bultaco Metralla Mk2

With the yellow Bultaco’s done, we turned to the street versions, which are MK2’s. The styling and simplicity of this model is just excellent. The gas tank is a beautiful classic design and we worked long and hard to find original photos so that the stripes and decal placement is correct. These fenders are fiberglass copies and match the original very well. We also have a set of original steel fenders we are doing, as well. Each color coat needs to be cleared so that the next color covers properly and pinstripes can be applied without damaging the basecoats. Lots of clear and sanding!

We also had to re-braze the filler neck post where it was leaking. No idea why it was leaking there but possibly a crack that developed over time.

WP_20150603_005 WP_20150603_006 WP_20150604_005 WP_20150609_003 WP_20150612_003 WP_20150613_002 WP_20150622_016 WP_20150623_004 WP_20150623_007 WP_20150623_008 WP_20150630_005

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