Bultaco Metralla GTS Paint

Well, the paint is finished on the GTS’s and looks great. As with all old bikes that came in lacquer, picking a shade of the original color is tough since it yellows and fades pretty bad. We had one pretty good side cover that had a bottom section that was never in the sun and I matched the color off of that. The decals are the old water transfer type and they are not easy to use when they are this large because they tear quite easily. But, with patience they all got installed! Then, 3 coats of clear, wet sand, 3 more coats of clear and then buff.

WP_20150601_003 WP_20150601_004 WP_20150601_005 WP_20150601_006 WP_20150604_003 WP_20150604_004

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