1977 Honda CB750F Finished!

Well, the CB750 is basically finished and running quite good. The seat was made from a 40mm sheet of race seat foam like you typically see on race bikes. It really looks perfect for the style of the bike. After about 40 miles of test rides, it continues to run better and better. The exhaust is loud but not obnoxious and also really fits the style of the bike. The rear turn signals are integrated into the rear frame tubes and look trick- they also work very well and are bright. Perhaps the only thing left to do right now is maybe get a gold chain for aesthetics. The original factory chain only has 12K miles on it and still looks new but a gold chain would be a finishing touch on this bike.

The other question that is answered now is “how good are the brakes?” They are outstanding. The calipers and master cylinder came off of an early 2000’s Suzuki Katana and are perfect for this bike. Certainly an order of magnitude better than the original brakes.

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