1977 Honda CB750 bodywork, exhaust, lights

Work continues on the 750… the headlight is installed, most of the bodywork, and we fabricated a nice muffler from a spare Yosh round baffle and a piece of 2.75″ OD 304 Stainless tubing-  but the important dimension was the header end that was a perfect 2″ and slid right into the collector. The 77 and 78 Super Sports had a strange 2.17″ OD on the collector and there are no slip on mufflers made for these bikes anymore so we had to make something if we wanted to use the stock headers. The ID of the tubing is 2.62″ and the diameter of the baffle is 2.65″. So that makes for an interference fit. We dipped the baffle in liquid nitrogen to shrink it a bit and cut a slit up the side and then pounded it in the tube after heating it. Then we slash cut the end for a very cool custom muffler that will have some back pressure and still sound good (loud)!

As soon as the seat foam gets here from England, we will be ready to roll. Taillight and turn signals next…

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