1977 Honda CB750- assembly, tuning and first ride!

With the paint done, it was time to get the carbs tuned and the bodywork installed. Old carbs like this are a project! We used a standard set of mercury vacuum sticks and got them all drawing the same at idle. Then we adjusted the idle mixture screws and then rechecked the synchronization. Next, we put the petcock in the tank and on the bike so we could run it around the loop. The first run is always fun- especially when it runs good and there are no leaks, problems or disasters! The folded up towel for the seat was a bit uncomfortable but the actual seat is still not decided on. Maybe a race foam seat or maybe a trip to the upholstery shop…

WP_20150327_004 WP_20150331_006 WP_20150402_003 WP_20150403_002

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