1977 Honda CB750 update 16

Well, the wiring is in and almost complete and all of the updated brakes are on and bled. The wiring included a new solid state regulator/rectifier, Dynatek electronic ignition to replace the old points, new coils and leads, and lots of minor fixes to the harness and switches. Probably 20 hours of time that I just described in 2 sentences!

The brakes are the same- lots of time to fit, fabricate brackets and bleed. I was going to use the stock rear master cylinder- I rebuilt it and it seemed fine but it will not pump fluid. I finally gave up after trying vacuum pumps and bench bleeding it. So, I had a complete set of  rear brakes off a 2001-2003 Suzuki Katana and since I was already using the front brakes on this bike, I decided to go ahead and make a bracket so I could use the rear master cylinder. We won’t know until the first test ride, but I think the brakes will be outstanding compared to stock and they are discreet- I even used the stock rear reservoir.  Progress…

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