Honda CB750F restoration- update 13

So, today we installed the new Dunlop 404 tires and we are working on the final fitting of the tail section. As soon as the new rear shocks get here, we will have a rolling frame and be ready to install the engine! The taillight is out of some 70’s vintage bike which I pulled out of the box-O-taillights. It has a great fit and looks very period correct. After the engine is installed, it will be time to put some colors on the bodywork. The silver and orange scheme will look great on this bike with the black engine and wheels. I’d like to use the stock headers, but if I do, they will be sand blasted and painted black.

WP_20150125_002 WP_20150101_005 WP_20150101_006 WP_20150120_001

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