Honda CB750F restoration- Update 12

Before we can put the engine back in the bike, we need to have a rolling frame and before we can do that, we need the wheels in their final configuration… These Comstar wheels are a bit difficult to work with since they are an aluminum/steel hybrid- the rim and hub is aluminum and the spokes are chromed steel. They only way to get them properly prepped is to bead-blast them and use an epoxy primer. I thought long and hard about colors and in the end, I decided I wanted a matte black wheel and we will put orange and silver rim stripes on them later. So, the process is- wash with purple cleaner, bead blast or use a scotch-brite pad in a die grinder or drill to thoroughly remove any rust, corrosion, etc. Then, wash again with purple cleaner and let dry for at least a day since there are all sorts of little places for water to hide in the spokes!

The simple truth is that no paint really sticks well to chrome, so getting it nice and rough is essential. These spokes were poor quality chrome even when they were new so doing it right now will save you all sorts of grief later on. You don’t want the paint peeling off these spokes after everything is assembled! Next, prime with a good quality epoxy primer. I use PPG DP-LF. Finally, I used Duplicolor automotive grade flat black for the final top coat and they look awesome. Let them dry for at least a week before installing tires.

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