Honda CB750F Update 11- footpegs and forks

The stock peg brackets are huge and heavy but I am committed to using as much of the original bike as I can, so we are trimming and drilling to lighten them and remove the rear mounts. While I had the die grinder out, I trimmed the front fender to a more manageable size and weight as well! It will look quite nice after it is bead blasted and painted.

Also, we need to reassemble the front forks so we can have a rolling frame to install the engine in. The forks are also stock and other than cleaning and polishing the tubes to remove pitting, installing new seals and oil, there were no mods. But, cleaning the old smelly oil out and replacing it with modern fork oil will have a big impact on their smoothness. Interestingly, back in the 70’s, the manual called for plain old 10W-30 motor oil or transmission fluid. Modern 10W fork oil is a better choice.

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