Honda CB750F Update 10- Frame

With the engine ready to install, I got to work on the frame and misc parts we need to get ready. The frame was media blasted, epoxy primed and painted in orange basecoat/clearcoat for durability and show quality looks. Frames are a lot of work since they have lots of tubes that have to look perfect from any angle. I was originally going to go with red/white/blue Honda racing colors but decided on orange and dark silver with matte black trim and accents. Can’t decide if I want to use the stock side covers as-is or trim them to take the triangular shape of the frame. Footpeg and fender mods tomorrow…

WP_20141210_003 WP_20141212_001 WP_20141214_16_19_28_Pro WP_20141219_001 WP_20141220_001

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