Pro Headlight Restore

It’s Good to see clearly!

Only 39.99

Millions of cars on the road today suffer from hazed, yellowed and severely weathered headlight lenses. This condition is not only cosmetically unsightly, it actually affects the intensity and directionality of the light from your headlights. Using the latest techniques and chemicals it is possible to restore the clarity and safety that your headlights had when the vehicle was new. Considering the cost of new headlights- often several hundred dollars each, our service is extremely affordable and can be done at your location or ours. Check out the pictures below for before and after shots of a 1996 Honda Civic with moderately hazed lenses. Many cars are worse than this (older Fords are especially bad) but they can also be restored to like new clarity.

We can restore any plastic lens headlight on any make or model car, truck or motorcycle. At 39.99 this is one of the most cost effective maintenance items you can do to your car to improve night time visibility and enhance its appearance.